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Feel-good coming-of-age friendship werewolf splatstick? Yes please! Mitchell's Here has taken the animated route the last couple years of the competition - and their experience shows. A nice, heart-felt story with simple (but slick) animations, a tidy edit, and smooth sound hits all the right beats. For is an admittedly ridiculous premise, Self A-Were is genuinely moving. A big kudos to the voice actor whose performance in both of the lead roles made me care for cartoon werewolves.

Great little animated film! Always blows my mind when people create such beautiful worlds in 48 hours. Lovable characters and unique art style. Also you win the best introduction award, god damn that was funny

Default Avatar Bluron

Really impressed with this cute monster love story. The voice acting felt really authentic. Very charming dark comedy.

A cute little were-rom-com with some excellent character animation, which is no easy feat in 48 hours. I love how this team combines live action with animation, so the team intro and cardboard sets were quite a treat. I would have liked to see that aesthetic carried through to the backgrounds for final scene, which felt a bit rushed in comparison. With a solid story and a tonne of animation it's fair to say time was spent where it needed to be. A howling good take on the splat-stick genre, this film has real bite.

Big fan of GINGER SNAPS here so let me tell you this film was right up my alley! Simple but clean and polished animation well aware of exactly how important the eyes are to any romantic situation and to bring out an impressive level of emotions to the characters was no mean feat. I thought the script was particularly grounded in the lycanthropian world, reflecting the awkwardness and messy excitement of a first date with aplomb. Whilst chillwave jazz is not normally my cup of tea I also found that the score brought an ambience to proceedings that sat well with the full moon human feast and efforts to impressive each other by the female werewolves through attitude and effort. Sound was clear and concise add editing let the film breath (thank you) despite the short run time so not much to fault from a technical pov. Script was solid too with a couple of strong jokes. My only minor complaint is that it was slightly hard to differentiate the two characters the first time I watched the film with no names being given and being drawn in such a similar way, although this was less of a weakness on subsequent viewings. Top work and appreciate Liam putting his money where his mouth is and delivering the goods! :)

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