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Witch, please!

by Steel Bananas 394 views


Default Avatar CatFan

A girl tries to be a witch with her new wand, and it goes terribly wrong. Some fun gags in this one (especially "Steve")! Unfortunately, the narrative wasn't particularly clear and the pace was a bit slow. It would've been great to see a bit more of the rivalry between the two girls. The magic spell gags the end (where the room went back to normal) were pretty cool - a very 48 Hours-esque effect!

Default Avatar Jess_ash

Agree with you CatFan that's really constructive feedback. It's amazing what tricks you can do with the camera and editing to give the illusion of magic!

Default Avatar RiverFelix

Some really creative editing used on this one, I liked the sort of simplicity of the plot though I think you could have done a little bit more with the character arc as it sort of just goes fail, fail, fail? Yeah that one failed. Really good use of the wilhelm scream too I thought especially when I went for a much more traditional approach on my film. If I were to get into nit pick territory I'd probably say maybe you could have gone at the want with some sand paper. It kinda just looked like a stick even though suspension of disbelief kicked in pretty quick.

Default Avatar SharkTank

Lots of great gags and a couple of choice puns make this short a fun watch. The story element is a little lacking, I thought - especially in regards to the ending which lacked the level of punch and surprise the film seemed to place on the ending. Establishing the relationship between the two leads a little more strongly would perhaps have helped there. Definitely one of the best in the heat, congrats!

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