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Time Terminal

by Chillybox 33 views


Default Avatar Roberto Nascimento

Great sequel for last year's grand winner! Beautifully shot and produced, it moves at a great pace and an amazing performance by the super talented lead actress, Kate Simmonds. A very strong film, that merges this year's new elements with last year's genre effortlessly. Another great work by the Chillybox team!

This is a superb sequel. Whereas the first film was contained in one room with the end of the world looming over, this one let's it spiral out in beautiful chaos. The stakes were honest and high, and the performances, particularly of the lead playing Charlie Flowers, are satisfying and impressive. Amazing original score too. I feel like we need one more to wrap up the Time Trilogy!

Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

I love how this film starts at the end of the last one and tells a complete story very simply. Great acting and story.

I'm of two minds about this film. On the one hand, the attention to detail in continuity is spectacular, the costumes, the lighting, the make up, all make it truly feel like this sequel takes place only moments after the original, and the way the story continues, it almost seems like Chillybox always intended to make both films, as they compliment each other quite nicely. However, I can't help shake the feeling that I would have liked to have seen Chillybox do a completely new movie, and while TIME TERMINAL carries on seamlessly from TIME TRAVEL CENTER, it isn't necessarily a story I wanted to see carried on. To me, this is perhaps one of the first big victims of Ultra, as it seemed like the writing process was funneled into making the sequel as opposed to exploring new stories. I love Chillybox, CLEAN GETAWAY is one of my favs of all time, but for me, this is a very well made, though ultimately unnecessary sequel.

Very click. Great cinematography and a really good sequel to the first one. It had the same characters and same aesthetic and it really did pull off being a sequel. It packed a bit of a punch even at the end. In the flurry of everything though I guess I felt like not too much happened or I was not really sure what happened. Something got a little lost in translation. I guess its hard being a sequel at the same time as possibly needing to be a stand alone film for people who haven't seen the original. But that might not come into judging in the end. I guess I felt the story in the first one was a bit more complete and of itself, and I guess I would have liked the sequel to stand alone as well as carry on from the last one. But still great cinematography and performances and slick editing. It looked very classy.

This was a seamless and perfect sequel to the winning video for last year!! Continuing directly where last year's film left off. So clever and well done! Not fair that it didn't get a nod from the audience. Tough heat, lots of competition in heat 3!

Default Avatar Jay Sherman

This was another team that I had hoped would return to a different story (Clean Getaway is one of the best movies to have ever come out of the competition in this not so humble reviewer's opinion). That being said, the way they approached the sequel to last year's champion film was pretty masterful. My only real complaint is that I felt the ending did not hit at the same level as the rest of the film. I don't even know if it was possible, both in regards to the overall quality of what led up to it, and in the very abstract nature of the subject. This is a solid film and worthy of praise, and I am once more really excited to see what they produce next year!

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