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by Divisionary Films 150 views


Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

I liked the concept of this film and the supernatural element , I thought, was well used. Could easily be fleshed out into a longer movie too.

Default Avatar 101 lost

Story wasn't amazing however it would have been if it were 20mins. Fell short literally. Great cinematography though and audio was on point!

Default Avatar Shing

Really enjoyed the acting and camera work. Could easily have watched more.

Default Avatar Liam Drury

As soon as the film started I was like "Damn this is a professional team" from the camera work to the lighting everything was tightly executed. The acting was great from everyone involved and I agree with the other reviews that this idea has potential to be expanded into a longer feature. Look forward to seeing more from these guys in future. One note is change the name to something catchy (I know it's the sound but it is still a misstep in my opinion)

Very professional look and the sound production was perfect! Acting is often overlooked as an essential skill in short films, these guys nailed it with excellent actors who played their rolls perfectly.

Default Avatar Estumas

Probably the most technically well rounded shot of the heat. Cinematography and audio was mastered almost to a tee, and the general use of the genre and theme was also spectacular. Acting was great and overall the film had a great level of polish. As others have said and I agree, the shortness probably is the only limit to the whole thing - it feels like it could easily be expanded on for in a much longer short. However this is the 48Hours, so it has to be under 5 minutes and achieves a decent amount given the time limit. I look forward to seeing how this film does because I'm sure it'll make the list of films going towards the finals at least.

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