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The Ghost Whisperer

by Phrasing 55 views


Default Avatar Richard Martin

Good performance from the lead who carried this film on her back. My biggest issue with this film I guess would be that it seemed to end in what could've easily been the start of our story. Definitely felt like you guys had more of a story to tell, and trying to cram it all into 5 minutes doesn't always work quite so well. Again, great stuff, biggest gripe is I wanted more!

Phrasing have a lot of potential from what I can see, but this film didn't quite do it for me. It's tough because all the elements are there, the camera work and editing is great, the acting is great, the art direction is great and the story is great too- just maybe a little ambitious. If you're reading this guys, take heart because I think in order for you guys to improve you just need to adjust how you tell your story, to ensure it will fit into the 5 minutes 48hours allows.

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