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Tea is for Teleport

by All-In Productions 155 views


A woman tries to go to the kitchen to get her ungrateful husband a cup of tea, but her malfunctioning teleportation app instead sends her off on a series of madcap adventures. Well written and funny throughout, with some good action beats as well.

Giving out high ratings in reviews is tricky, and I am tempted to go a little higher for this one as it was a great sci fi premise with some solid gags and an enjoyable lead performance. Just not quite technically polished enough or tightly written enough to be a knockout, and one particularly hammy performance by a military commander keeps this film from a higher rating. I'd love to see these guys try to get a bit more narrative into their script in future years because concept, gags and visuals all felt like they had genuine chops behind them dealing as best as we all do with getting a film done in under 48HOURS.

Great fun - lots of shifts in pace, starting with quiet domestic life, cut to romcom confusion, then tense action drama including a chase scene, some suspense, and back full circle. It felt nicely complete and used it's simple scifi premise (teleporting going wrong) well.

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