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This is one of the strangest 48Hours shorts I can remember seeing. If Alejandro Jodorowsky entered the competition, with sponsorship from a list of assorted local eateries and a tie factory, this is the sort of thing I would expect him to produce. The costume budget was genuinely impressive - all manner of bizarre and inventive 'blue avian' aliens. The plot was fairly rudimentary, but that wasn't really the point.

Fucking bonkers. Absolutely insane and fun. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I loved this surreal absurdity. Some of the costumes were legitimately amazing. Can't wait to rewatch this one!

Default Avatar Shing

Nice work guys

SPOILER ALERT!!! Read after! The idea behind this film comes from a group of interconnecting threads...a mixture of Corey Goode's Cosmic Disclosure, The Law Of One material and Ancient Aliens. There is a notion that Blue Avians are 6th density beings helping us transition from 3rd density into 4th density at the moment. The idea is that if we don't transition into 4th density now we go and relive 3rd density again for another 25,000 years. In 3rd density apparently you have polarity to push you either to the negative path (service to self) or the positive path (service to others). In 4th density there is either negative or positive planets and supposedly Earth is transitioning into a 4th density positive planet. Anyway the idea behind the movie is that a Blue Avian comes down and the field that she encounters is representative of humanity. At first she sees a group of people having a space festival and she feels positive about Earth and dances along. Then she shares he message in light language with the revellers but the band leader mocks her language and makes fun of it speaking a harsh made up gibberish at her and everyone laughs at her. The man who she was dancing with suddenly reveals the monster he is a hiding...and she has a flash back to Atlantis where this man lived previous incarnations and remembers the mistakes humanity made back then, when the Blue Avians shared their knowledge with the Atlantanteans and the Atlanteans used the technological advances to make weapons. There is even a notion that the Atlanteans did genetic experiments on hybrid beings eg cat humans and dog humans etc. There is even the notion that that where we get the legends of centaurs from. She is scared off and continues her way through the field of humanity and meets some golfers. She speaks to them in light language again trying to share her knowledge with them and help them raise their vibration but the golfers insult her and the way she looks and even though she is pure and innocent...make daft misogynist remarks. They just want to get on with their game. She is in the way. Their game is more important. Their boiling hotheadness escalates when the third golfer decides to take her down. So he whacks a ball at her and knocks her out and the nonchalantly, as if nothing happened, walk past her unconscious body to get on with their game. It's symbolic of the competitive nature of man and the silly wars we fight and how we are all embroiled in tedious activities and competing with each other that if someone from a higher consciousness passed by we probably wouldn't notice them or we'd see them as an other, or someone who is nutty, or project our own fears or twisted perceptions on to them not seeing them for who they truly are. Finally the paramedic comes to help and at last the our Blue Avian Lucille Ra has found someone on this Earth who has empathy, someone who cares, someone with whom there is a connection. But soon after she finds herself on a table about to be cut up. The idea is for one it could be seen as an autopsy...that secretly the paramedic had another aggenda and perhaps was an undercover part of some secret government agency and knew she was an alien and so is about to conduct experiments on her. Also the notion that she is using her because she is different as a science experiment. What use an alien life if we can cut her up and find the mysteries of the Universe. There is also the notion that it is satirising the medical system. That our medical system is a bit twisted sometimes. That we look to medicate and operate sometimes before we look to heal. This beings notion of healing is of course way different. They can use energy to heal or even heal themselves without having to be cut up. And so all of these notions are horrific to our Blue Avian. She has had enough of these twisted Earthlings and transports back to her other Avian friend. Together as male and female they make the choice that humanity is for the most part quite sick and isn't quite ready for fourth density and needs to start over. As yin and yang together they must put their hands on the crystal to make that decision. And so the harvest begins. The preamble is a bit of background to the Blue Avians...who are said to have visited the Atlanteans, The Egyptians (the hieroglyphs depict the gods as blue Avians if the colour is restored...the Egyptians worshipped them...In The Law Of One they call themselves Ra). Anyway there is a huge information about all of that in Corey Goode and David Wilcock's Cosmic Disclosure series and The Law Of One. It is quite fascinating and quite the wormhole and whether you believe it all is another thing. But it made a great backstory to our little Sci Fi Universe. I am grateful to all our actors and amazing crew which was assembled in a week as I didn't have the money to enter before that. And particularly grateful to the restaurants that sponsored us. We had a fantastic time. The weather threatened but we used our weather manipulating abilities and turned it around. The cut you see on the site is a later edit as we kind of got exhausted and so wasn't quite thinking clearly enough to get everything that we wanted in in that space of time. But the first edit was still pretty fun! Just a couple of extra polishes and a bit more exposition and tweaking of the soundtrack etc.

Very weird. Taking a risk? Art direction was great. Costume design was great. I'm not necessarily adversed to these weird surreal films, but I think they're enhanced greatly by a clear story arc, which this didn't quite have.

Default Avatar Jay Sherman

Great costume and art direction does not a watchable film make. This film was strange from the get-go, which I am in no means denigrating, but it has to go somewhere and make some kind of sense otherwise what's the point? The way this thing ended came out of nowhere and really undermined the rest of the film and didn't explain anything. There was such promise but it ended up such a mess.

Great art direction, and the costumes were incredible, though I found the story to be a little hard to follow. Good on this team for taking a risk.

Thanks you for a pleasurable viewing experience. I found this piece to be a refreshing break from reality, with a well rounded ride of emotions.

Great costumes, makeup and acting in this piece. I'm semi with the Jodorowsky comparison mentioned before, though it seems more like his 5min adaptation of The Scientology Bible. You were obviously going for something "out there", so that's a compliment. The choice of music felt out-of-place and a bit overbearing at times. The chirpy, mainstream tunes worked against the outlandishness of the concept. I also couldn't quite place the surgical scene near the end or why it was stretched out for so long in super slow motion. But even if I couldn't make some sense of it all, the ending was satisfying and a solidly bizarre use of The Scream.

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