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Stand Up

by Angle3 Pictures 378 views


I liked this film, it stood out a lot to me in its heat because of its very high level of polish. Great clear storytelling and visually interesting and engaging cinematography. The highlight of this film for me was the lead actors performance (and facial hair) such a great persona to him, was funny and believable, some damn good acting. The golf club hit was also hella scary. Great work Angle3!

This was the slickest, most professional film in its heat. But what impressed me more than the visual polish was the well-controlled tone. The main plot - a workplace shooting - played out with genuine menace, which made the incongruity of the relationship drama very funny. It ended on a humorous gag, but something a little more fully realised could have made this a truly impressive entry.

Definitely one of the stand out films of Heat 1 this survival story of a couple under pressure was slick, had a great female lead and plenty of gags. While it's sharp switch to comedy betrays the nature of 48HOURS films eschewing their genre for a crowd pleasing watch when it all comes together this slickly and entertainingly it deserves to be recognized with a high star review. Sometimes saying 'a great 48HOURS film' is damning with faint praise in a competition where occassionally there are also simply great films made in 48HOURS. This film is more the former than the latter, but it's enough of a mix of both to definitely be worth checking out for yourself.

Slick, funny and well edited. Visually stunning and great camera work. Great use of contrast and hilarious use of the heightened tension to turn it into a gag. Well written. Perhaps if anything the last line could have been stronger but other than that it was very slick. I liked the use of the Wilhelm scream for the telephone, Can't remember exactly where the smash cut was but I know it was there. The collision? Golf clubs? Good well played female character in particular. And quirky take on the Survival genre. I'm picking this as at least an Auckland finalist.

Default Avatar kermath

Really great short! Congrats

This film is polished like a fresh bowling ball. The sound, music, edit, grade, cinematography - all on point. The acting from the two leads is also pretty great, doing the difficult balancing act between dramatic and comedic. I liked the way it subverts the 'survival' genre, initially going from 'save your life' to 'save your failing relationship' - the jokes surrounding it were mostly solid. Though some gags about their flawed relationship felt like they've been recycled from old TV series, mainly the "I always faked it" line. The scene where they sneak down the stairs stood out in a sort-of negative way (the exit was in plain sight and yet they chose to go for the golf clubs instead). To keep this kind of survival story in tune with its genre, I feel you need to keep cornering your protagonists until they've got absolutely no way out but to fight. That end punchline was ace, though. The actor bloody nailed the delivery.

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