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by PSUSY 877 views


By going horns in with its costuming, props, VFX, and set, this is how you make a z-grade film look amazing. I especially appreciate the match cut from vagina to magical orb. It's a simple, workable approach to the genre that holds a gaggle of gags - nothing being funnier that a mental breakdown of a character as she reads the same line over and over again. Having her friend step back in at the last minute is a nice way to cap it off. I found the film within the film hard to follow though. That might be the point, but it causes most of the short to feel more like a random collection of jokes than a narrative. As wonderfully bizarre as those random cuts to a green screen orifice were, it did make me wonder what they had to do with the film. It feels like a victim of the 5min limitation. Had this been 7mins long, I could totally see that film-within-a-film making more sense and SPACE PSUSY hitting even harder.

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