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Rampage of the Green-Eyed Monster

by One More For Safety 169 views


Default Avatar CatFan

A solid effort for what seemed like a school-aged team. A tighter edit would've helped clarity, and so would a better microphone. But those are easy fixes! Keep going. And massive props for The Room reference.

Default Avatar SharkTank

While the production value here wasn't the best (intentionally I imagine), there were a couple of solid laughs here and a straightforward story. I'm not sure this fully captured what Z-Grade means to me as a genre, but the production value and intentional bad edits definitely helped. Loved the pack of chalk and sharpie beard. Well done, team!

Default Avatar RiverFelix

I really enjoyed all of the poor production jokes though some of them were a little bit on the nose. It didn't strike me as a Z movie but rather a short which is making aa joke out of a badly made or a poorly made film. Difficult to judge the story, on the one hand it's a bit dull but on the other hand it's supposed to be. I guess you just didn't find the right balance which the other Z-Movie had since it could have been a much tighter cut without going against the Z Movie aesthetic.

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