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Pizza money

by Jovial Entertainment 1,081 views


Very entertaining. my Audience favourite. Jovial's cinematography and polish on their film continue to impress. A very simple, action chase sequence, a likable main character, just trying to do his job. the Roller skate sequences were great the actor has great comedic timing and acting chops. I loved how it escalated into a big action set piece at the end, with great effects and violence. I would have like both of the head phone ear pieces to be in the pizza delivery boy's during the fire fight, to give a reason for why he didn't freak out by the gun fire. perhaps he is use to this sort of thing. great work all round.

This was my favourite film in this heat, made me laugh out loud and it escalated into an action scene that nailed the genre. I'm looking forward to seeing it online so I can have another look Thanks

Action is the genre you guys were made for. I loved this film, the characters are great, the effects are great, the acting is great, and the story is as elegantly simple as it needs to be. I hope PIZZA MONEY gets recognized nationally, coz Jovial Entertainment absolutely deserve it.

Crazy good. Cinematography and effects and story, all so so great. I left thinking how did these guys put together this short in 48 hours! It looked and felt like it was made with much more space and time. Amazing effort and my audience fave of the night.

Default Avatar rotunder

Really slick movie. Well shot with good acting and action sequences. Some quite advanced stuff here especially the rollerblading scenes, not only from the camera but just the guy himself rollerblading like that, very impressive. Keep up the good work, would like to see some more from you guys.

Default Avatar Movie Banter

This was my pick for the audience favourite. The story was great in its simplicity. No convoluted plot points that often sneak their way into 48hour films and almost as often to the detriment of the film. The characters were really good; the two cops being solid "straight-men" to the pizza delivery guy's charming goofiness. The three actors turning in great performances too. Even the drug dealers/gang members brought their own unique flair to the final scene and really helped elevate it. They really nailed the action genre, with a great chase/rollerblading sequence and a really cool shoot out with great effects and some cool stunts. It had laughs coming at the right moments too and was clearly a crowd pleaser. This feels like one of those films that the competition is designed for and they did an amazing job. Great camera work, editing and sound to boot.

Default Avatar B_Smife

Cops​,​ Robbers​ ​and​ ​a​ ​Rollerblading​ ​pizza​ ​boy.​ ​​Must​ ​see​ ​if​ ​you​ ​are into​ ​action/crime​/​drama​ ​Loved​ ​the​ ​stunts! My fave from heat 6!

The standout of the heat, Jovial Entertainment making a case for one of the most consistently improving teams of the competition so far. They have the basics down. Simple original story. Defined characters. Creative shots. Comedic moments. JE play straight out of the 48 hour playbook, in this ode to all that is truly 48 spirit. The rollerblading was impressive, and was a great and original dynamic that both tied the story together and gave opportunity to action and comedy (the two best things). That said, Jovial are not yet free of their comedy training wheels, falling too often on recycled humour, hit-and-miss dialogue and cliche. Most of the time I feel like I'm laughing at something because it reminded me of something else that I had seen one time that made me laugh. You need to work harder to craft your own sense of humour, play jokes that the audience don't see coming. Action too falls into a similar basket, flipping between enough-to-tell-the-story and example-based-ripped-off-sequences. Each action sequence is a chance to be original, leave your mark on the universe of action sequences, something funny and original that drives the story. Well done on making the final, most complete short I've seen so far this year.

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