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Low Elf-esteem

by Creative Kids 513 views


Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

Some funny jokes, plus one or two off-colour jokes, and some good acting. A father is telling his son a bedtime story about becoming an elf. Some genuinely funny parts in this film started the heat off well.

Default Avatar 101 lost

Actually a really smart storyline when you think about it. Well shot and very funny. Best laughs of the night!

Default Avatar Liam Drury

Very solid and a strong start to this Heat. Maybe too many characters but then again everyone deserves a chance in front of the camera. Stand out was the dad with perfect comedic timing and of course the Joke selector judge. Top notch

Default Avatar FilmCritic101

Fantastic film. Top script. Very funny and great performances. I challenge anyone to find a better film shot by a group of talented 15 year olds. A certain winner in my book.

Default Avatar Shing

Some technical issues here and there but all in all nice film. Well done.

Default Avatar Estumas

A solidly funny start to the heat, with a father explaining to his son why you wouldn't want to become one of Santa's elves. Surprisingly large off colour jokes for a mostly teen team especially got a great reaction. Technically not too bad for such a large and young crew, certainly could go places in future years if the writing stays as sharp and the rest catches up. Great work!

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