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Kaiju Usagi

by Echo Echo Echo 119 views


Default Avatar Dogs Breakfast

Another great film from this heat. Hilariously well done and the z-grade was so on point! Set in "Japan, where we are now" the movie deals with a Kaiju that is about the destroy the country. The special effects in this film were fantastic, I absolutely loved it, and the purposeful continuity errors were brilliant. Well done team, loved it!

Default Avatar 101 lost

It's one of those genre where you can't judge it's bad sides so how do you judge it. Had really funny moments, but what makes this short stand out from the other Z-grade films?

Default Avatar Shing

Very funny, great work.

Default Avatar Estumas

Z-grade as a genre is hard to pull off. Go too far one way and it's just a bad film, go too far the other and it's no longer Z-grade... Echo Echo Echo hit almost dead on with this film, using limited actors and locations, straining the idea of a location thats clearly not the location it says it is in a great way, and jokes that landed. Crowd pleaser for sure, and not at all surprising it tied first for audience favourite in the heat.

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