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Friendship with a Vengence

by Short Cut Shorts 99 views


Default Avatar bowie-j

This is one of those films where you wish you had been on the team, because it just looked like so much god-damn fun to make. Well done to these guys for making Top 3. I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.

Z-grade is a genre that can seem like a curse, but can be turned into a blessing for teams who don't have the production capabilities of studio teams. This film proves it. Faking 'hilariously bad' is deceptively difficult, but this team nails it with purposefully hestitated line readings and inserted continuity mess-ups in the edit. But what's most impressive is the pace and the action. The actors really commit to the fights as does the cameraperson. And the gags fill everything in between. If we're not seeing a punch, we're seeing a punchline. This is a gem in my glowing eyes.

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