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Fresh Blood

by Black Blazers 96 views


This movie seemed to get a lot of laughs which is awesome. The costumes cracked me up:)

Default Avatar koroh the geek

I'm glad you guys got the Z grade genre and not me. It must be hard making a "bad" movie look good. Would love to have seen what you would have done without having to have the Z grade theme. I was waiting for Lisa to run out to a werewolf. Or did I just miss something, because I thought I heard a howl before she ran out of the room. Good work.

Lots of great gags in this film, it's unabashedly funny and unabashedly Z-Grade. Great acting too, lots of lines and facial expressions from the leads which made me laugh.

Default Avatar Richard Martin

Great wee film, obviously had a lot of fun making it. Some absolute top notch gags, the vegan nametag being a favourite of mine. With every Z-grade film I find myself wondering if the team in question is able to do any better or if they were just really good at nailing Z-grade. However I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and presume that you're usually very technically savvy, so great job on Z-grade!

Default Avatar George Calway

Absolutely loved the references to The Room! Very funny and clever jokes in this film and the actors were brilliantly bad. I think it would have been nice to see a werewolf at the end but overall hilarious and enjoyable film.

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