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Banned Practice

by Rambunctious Gumption 805 views


Default Avatar Jay Sherman

First review? Really? Well first off let me start by saying this team well deserved their win for best song. This was a pretty simple film and rested solely on the charisma of it's two leads, which is fine as they nailed it. The Jesus-esque band leader slash sexual predator was outrageous in all the right ways and was superbly foiled by the mild-mannered neighbour. The young band members were brilliantly subdued, too. They managed to heighten the already over the top persona of the band leader with little but dispassionate looks. This film didn't have the same depth of story as some of the other films in the final but it still managed to be cohesive and thoroughly entertaining.

Lots of great ideas in this film, I'm not sure they all reached their full potential, but there was enough in there to be a real crowd pleaser for sure.

Default Avatar Austen Thomas

What an awesome film! The song is amazing and made me laugh all the way through the city finals. A very memorable film, well done guys!

Default Avatar MistaTeas

A Christian band practice causes some uneasiness with the next door neighbour. This a very slick production with strong performances and superb comic timing. The song is awesome and was certainly a surprising addition. As such, it really is the dominating factor in the film and it could be argued then that its impact distracts as from what is, in reality, a fairly limited story. High replay value though as the song is just that good - up there with the best ever produced in comp (Chess Club's "Two Long Years" from Bread Winner being the other). Amazed too that you managed to get Skeet Ulrich to play the Jesus band leader.

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