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A friend for life

by Missing Pixels 357 views


Default Avatar 101 lost

Absolutely incredible. I walked out of the theatre so impressed by this film. It was shot amazingly, i just loved the tracking shot throughout the film. Story was Great. Location was different. It actually felt like Christmas and the lighting was spot on same with the voice acting it was brilliant. The clock was a nice touch to sum up that whole idea of 4 mins till Christmas. It really stood out in the heat and is definitely city final if not national final potential!!! One concern, could be wrong but i don't recall a collision or a smash cut. I really want to watch it again, like right now! Please post it when they allow us.

Wow. I just got back from the Auckland finals and I don't mean to take anything away from the two winning teams but I feel Missing Pixels was horrifically overlooked. A Friend for Life was by far the best 48Hour film I have ever seen. Brilliant story, stunningly shot, beautifully acted and with a damned important message to boot. Excellent work, guys. If I was one of the judges this would have taken out just about every category. Everyone needs to watch this - I can only hope PJ picks it up as a wildcard as this film has competition winner written all over it. STUNNING STUFF!

Great stuff here. Probably my favourite use of the Christmas genre that I've seen- using it as a backdrop and not having it as the driving force of the story. Beautifully shot, awesome acting, heavy ending.

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