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Strings Attached

by Ravioli 121 views


Default Avatar 山 武

An odd glimpse into another world. Could have been better realised if you'd stuck to a simpler storyline. Several issues with production here, I think the amount of locations and the technical aspects of recording brought the overall quality of the film down. The performances struggled to reconcile the tone of the film with its genre. It was ambitious and I can tell a lot of hard work went into it, so better luck next year! EDIT: Shoutout to Steelpotato. Sorry I reviewed you so harsh - at the end of the day, the story and effort was there. In other words, I knew exactly what was going on, which counts for something.

An awkward take on the romcom genre featuring characters that were eccentric to say the least. The dialogue and humour could have used a little more work and the characters were more cringe than humorous. The ending was a bit jarring considering the genre.

I liked the concept (why not puppets, indeed?) but struggled a little with overall production values, some repetitive script, and a bit of a downer of an ending.

Oh come one everyone this was not a 1 or 2 star film you mean pricks! Sian Reynolds as a socially awkward girl falls for a socially awkward boy the only problem is that their connection is through the puppets that live on their hands and he still struggles to see her. This explored the concept of being an introvert very well, and I thought the inclusion of the puppets to allow the characters to be someone who they were actually not was a clever idea as well, because extreme introverts often look to their outward appearance for more bravery. I feel the ending of this film was a bit heavy handed and mean spirited however also felt that camerawork was very solid. The sound design had moments where it was unclear who was talking due to not using separated channels for the puppets but there was definitely promise in this film that was just slightly unfulfilled.

One of the darkest 48Hours films I have ever seen in terms of subject matter as an abusive domestic relationship was shown through the abuser treating his partner as a puppet. Phone calls and access to friends are stopped and emotional abuse is hurled at the victim. This presented a really tough subject matter and subverted its genre however whilst a strong story the actors did feel a little bit like they were reading lines other than the friend who was concerned about the abuse, and stood out.

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