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[DQ] Oh man I feel for you guys as this was the best high school entry I have seen in years in Wellington but understand was late due to rendering issues. Sigh... Moving on to this brilliant film; a couple of survivalists raid wherever they can in the search for supplies in particular food and medicine. The medicinal aspect of the film was a very important one as with one party in very poor health it meant reliance on the other where scavengers shoot on sight ala THE ROAD was everything. Yet genuine love and friendship was provided eg, through the literal warmth of a campfire story tale. This took a less is more approach in terms of lore but still presented danger and dystopia to nail the genre. Rock solid acting, absolutely exceptional cinematography (whoever was your DoP needs to pursue film as a career if they don't already) and a gorgeous musical score tied this together beautifully. Never saccharine either as you always believed the characters would do whatever they had to do. EDIT - I am a Judge and Judge's comment removed re: Desikiwi by me - I had nothing to do with this film. Play nice :)

Default Avatar DesiKiwi

Was not too bad, some good stuff here and there. Although it wasn't the best film of the heat it was still a nicely made film. EDIT: steelpotato review up there appears to be someone voting up their own film so it ranks higher. There were no good redeeming features in this film other than some solid camerawork. This film was DQ - get over it. Re-edit: If you gave this 7 stars you can't be a real judge hahaha! Try harder next year.

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