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by Pussy Power Palace 579 views


Default Avatar 山 武

Very strong performances that read really well on screen. There was a level of intimacy between the characters that may not have been due to how little they were wearing in bed. I think the chemistry was great and the delivery worked. The pacing of the film was awkward and somewhat disorienting, this was probably intentional but I didn't realise until the very end why. Quite sophisticated and charming.

Default Avatar RamblingScot

Brave? Bizarre? Courageous? Bonkers (excuse the pun)? I still don't really know what this film was about but laughed my socks off at the 'safe word and whistle' sequence - right up until I watched another film later in the heat featuring another sock ;-)

A clever film that used a metaphor in the parallel created between a musician overthinking her drumming, and an awkward threesome fraught with indecision and googling. There were some very funny moments and the acting was quite believable and well-delivered for laughs. The simultaneous aspect of the two scenarios (drumming/sex) was a little unclear at the start but by the end it was well resolved and created a satisfying conclusion to the story (no pun intended).

Well shot, well performed, well written. The only thing for me was that I didn't quite follow the way these two stories converged, save for that they take place in the same building, and the ending was a little weak (for all that all the characters definitely enjoyed it).

I really really love the way that you presented the bedroom scene here; honest, raw, believable and most of all showing that the characters in the three-way genuinely cared about consent and what the other people in the bedroom liked. If more people could present sex like this society would be better as a whole. The converging storyline with the drumming lesson down below gave the film its heartbeat and whilst low key was endearing. I do think the dramatic arcs could potentially have come together but on the other hand this was a 5 minute slice and that plot would be better suited for a longer film so was not needed. Great performances and definitely a film that stays with you.

Default Avatar Movie Potato

I do love movies that make people uncomfortable. I'm personally not used to hairy armpits on a girl, and that really did make me uneasy... but I actually loved the whole awkward flavour. The drumming in the next room was a brilliant decision! It helped perfectly with the climaxes.

Default Avatar Kate Nicholls

This was my second favourite film in the heat. The filming and editing was very professional and you could tell the script was well thought out. I had to think about it afterwards but I loved the way they linked the threesome not vibing with the uncoordinated drumming, then the 'rhythm' coming together by both at the end. They met the real time brief and it was overall a sweet, awkward and polished short film. Loved it.

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