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Party Pooper

by Team Stock Standard 366 views


Default Avatar louisj17

I really enjoyed this film, definitely my favourite in the heat. Great use of split screens combined with clever idea's to create hilarious tension building to a well executed end. Will be a big contender in the finals for sure.

A genuine race against the clock to save a perfect first date when a bathroom break doesn't go quite as planned. My goodness me this was an urgent film, never boring for a second with flash cuts, split screens, blockbuster camera movement and a pulse-pounding score. Really threw all the editing tricks in the book at the screen and stood out for the better because of it. Comedic timing was bang on and to me an absolutely charming film with terrific acting performances but at the end of the day your enjoyment of the film will hinge on how much you enjoy toilet humour.

Stand out film of the heat. Awesome editing, hilarious dialogue, most brazenly blunt (and in my opinion awesome) incorporation of the required character/character trait. Perfect topic for the "theme" of real time - absolutely nailed it. I especially loved the use of the split screens - so well done. Our whole team loved this one. Surely a contender for the national finals.

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