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by 400 Stinkin Feet 254 views


I appreciate the concept, some of the solid editing choices, and the use of the fish-eye lens to make more use of a tight space. I also admire any 48Hours film that can transition seamlessly from night to day to night again. Two things hold this short back. The acting isn't really there to sell the drama, as is often the case in 48Hours. Also, what we see the lead doing isn't all that relevant to the plot or the ending. We see him taking photos of the woman at work and at a cafe, but that's it - it doesn't really tie into the conclusion. If you could somehow work that in more with his suspicions - that she's the woman who his wife is cheating with - it would make the twist more powerful as opposed to it coming out of nowhere. The best clues are the ones hidden in plain sight. (Then again, maybe there's things on his board that hint out to this that I completely missed.) You get bonus points for the original song and putting the line in a verse. "I'll murder you with love" is perfectly creepy.

Default Avatar RiverFelix

There was some nice shots and the sort of end of the film at the beginning was a good thought even though It didn't play as well as it could have. The acting doesn't really live up to the script that you tried to write and the rap song kills the tone of the movie if I'm honest. It almost sounds like you've tried to do a comedy and all the jokes were really bad. Still, watching the film it's a decent concept for a short film.

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