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by PuppyGuts 539 views


Default Avatar 山 武

Edgy with superb cinematography. I think the cast did an exceptional job as a team of punks. The plot itself was convoluted and anticlimactic, but the attention to detail took this film out of the 48 hour context and into a new realm. I am a big fan of your team and I can't wait to see what you do next year.

Default Avatar RamblingScot

A new genre so was interested to see where teams would take this... What I liked about this film was the nuggets of gold scattered throughout - the use of the library charges as the symbol of conformity, the 'comms' device (excellent). Told a good coherent story over the five minute duration.

A good story that was maybe told/executed a little clunkily, but I really enjoyed its core concept and its final endpoint. Solid humour, solid characters.

Anarchist cyberpunks who believe only a true state of anarchy is achieved when removed from the system set out to rage against the (library fine) machine. The D.I.C.K.S are presented with a hellbent determination to take down anyone deemed a fascist or conformist and Puppyguts produced a really good looking short film here. Really went with the idea of punk ideology of being anti-rules and ran with it, with a particularly strong performance by the woman with the nose piercing as she showed vitriol and spitfire like a true punk. I do think the story could have been a bit more streamlined as we moved from live gig to group formation to multiple botched kidnappings to a techno thriller. Also was a key plot point not that a certain action needed to be done by 4pm and completed in an office that showed dark night time through the windows? If I have that wrong I apologise. Overall really presented a punk ethos well and was very well made. Points also for Reagan's disguise!

Default Avatar Movie Potato

I loved the concept.... and the ending was brilliant... almost touching. This was polished and stood on a very strong script. the highlight for me was the paper cuts with string.

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