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by ICW Productions 226 views


This was another nicely restrained story, set entirely in car. The general comedy of the 'Bro' dialogue worked pretty well and the third character's monologue was perfectly surreal and contrasted nicely with the other characters. My only gripe is that the main 'Bro' conversation felt like a ran a tad long.

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Too many bros.....otherwise great use of a tiny location

Is our destination really the stars, a road trip with some bros or a quick stop at the dairy for a meat pie (no potato top of course)? ICW asks the hard questions with an existential effort that is simplistic on the outside but earth core deep on the inside. Subtitles for general grunts have worked well in the past in this competition with a famous former winner coming to mind, but here the translations play a bit differently than feral instinct. The irony and self-awareness to explore masculinity in such a simplistic yet fascinating manner that 'Bro' does has already got me coming back to re-watch multiple times and it definitely works very well on repeat viewings. Also technically hard to fault; car-based films can be tricky for keeping momentum but that was managed with aplomb, camera angles were engaging and sound crisp...and Gavin Rutherford steals the whole fucking movie - whew!

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