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BOB...Interdimensional Wool Courier

by Dont Panic Pictures 1,291 views


Default Avatar Coconutcloud Wilson

BOB - international wool courier was genuinely funny, entertaining, visual candyfloss. I know some of the people on the team and had no idea what to expect, and my first thought was, "sh*t! this film is TV level" I was severely impressed, seeing as ive been in differing ways, part of this festival myself 4 or 5 times. I would love to see the BOB-IWC universe expanded into a webseries or something similar, it had strong characters, look and feel. The story is presented as a cartoon/video game, with a strong underlying message of anti-capitalistism & anti-resource exploitation. A sci-fi, absurdist, slapstick/silent film homage ( but with sound ), its scenes are futuristic teetering into the realm of the abstract. Which is the kind of stuff i like, cue meaningless existential scene. I remember small moments strongly, such as the hilarious "NEW WOOL ORDER" joke, more than the whole story, speaking of that scene, where can i buy it on a T-shirt? I thoroughly enjoyed almost all of the films that played in this films heat. Dont Panic Pictures film has a distinctive vibe, its film came across as different, and that counts for alot. -Tokerau Wilson

'Interdimensional Wool Courier' says it all doesn't it? especially when that story is told in psychedelic hues of blue, purple and yellow with such artistic brilliance that any frame could be a painting. My understanding of this film was that Arlo Edwards simply said "I'm going to have a lot of fun and throw a shitload of effects at the film" on the 48Hours weekend. Mission not just completed but the trippiest film the competition has ever seen may well have been created. Sometimes films are just about feeling and this one hit me with all sorts of warm fuzziness. Yet whilst you could just sit back and be gobsmacked in the eyeballs the film works on many levels. Yes it speaks of the futile nature of human existence being on only one dimension. Yes it gives the impression that forced harvesting for whatever reason is distressing to the animals...I may be reaching on that one. Surreal, oneiric, futuristic absurd cartoonish sci-fi that quite literally pulsates with a plot that to me seemed very open to interpretation. Very special, thank you.

Default Avatar Justin Rotolo

This film handles the specified genre of “Comedy of Errors” very well. Like the original work from Shakespeare, this piece is farcical funny and creative with its use of the written word and accompanying visuals. The piece is a joy to look at with its unique tapestry of colour, texture, and iconography. At times it has a notable and insane retro 80’s film and video game aesthetic which is well placed in context of the story, emphasising Bob’s bizarre struggle in this strange world which he dwells. It’s like meeting Pee Wee Herman and Rob Zombie in an underground S&M dance rave, inebriated with a virtual reality layer of abstraction. Every frame of the film can be printed into a stand-alone work of art. The world is completely fantastic yet entirely believable. Bob’s journey is tangible and relatable despite the filmmakers' fantastic and other-worldly vision. Very enjoyable piece with a clear vision executed nicely by the filmmakers.

Default Avatar NYC-NZ

BOB...Interdimensional Wool Courier was a standout short-film @ hp 48. If Nam June Paik & Allen Ginsburg's seminal "Video Sutra" had a baby with Ryan Trecartin's "Center Jenny" one might approximate the miasmic, alternate universe, slapstick of BOB... Interdimensional Wool Courier. There is something residual/perpetual about this team's film. It leaves optic and neuronal afterimages ... well past its brief running time. This little film induces a sort of benign psychosis in the viewer and leaves one feeling giddily untethered from the gravitational restraints of conventional living. The film effected me in much the same way vaudevillian Buster Keaton's physics defying stunts liberate ... as long as the cinema's lights are down, and well afterwards. Bravo.

Default Avatar Rebel_Scum

Come with B.O.B - Intergalactic Wool Courier on a journey through space and time. Don't Panic Pictures submission to the 48 hour film festival this year is something totally crazy, with it's retro effects and BBC 3 "Mighty Boosh" feel BOB - IWC is one to remember. Arlo Edwards has created something so brilliantly strange that i walked away from the heats with the feeling that my brain had been corrupted by the visual feast and rich imagery of the film. To me this film is very different of what we normally see in this festival and i am so happy to say that it was extremely refreshing to see something so out there and not afraid to push the boundaries. I cannot wait to see what Don't panic pictures come up with next year.

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