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48 Hour Famine

by Purple Dragons (Disqualified Tim) 23 views


Default Avatar RamblingScot

This was my favourite film of the heat! The great concept and use of mixed formats combined with a quirky plot which was told through very tight editing led to a really enjoyable film. Awesome pay off at the end too! Surely a contender for the Wellington final?

Default Avatar 山 武

Earsplitting aside, I agree this could be a contender for the Wellington final. Expertly crafted pastiche of autobiographical film-making and experimental cinema. The special effects really stand out as being just right and the practical effects were memorably funny. I think this really sets the bar high for a new style of 48 hour film. It's self-parodying and self-aware but also tragic and absurd. I guess the audience is responding to the personality of the film-maker as much as the film. Very well deserved win.

Deserves to be in the finals as it definitely embodies the spirit of the competition. This film was highly innovative in its storytelling and got loads of laughs for its clever humour. Really nice editing that combined social media, documentary and surreal comedy. Very impressive and comical use of the puppets. The ending was a satisfying and hilarious callback to earlier jokes. The only negative thing to say is that I was upset at how great it was.

Fucking amazing meta puppet film. Made me giddy. 3 October - as a judge I am so so so sad this was DQ and hence not in finals despite the almost unanimously deserved 7/7s. Sigh :(

Sharp, funny, entertaining, and one I will be coming back to watch again. The sound could have used some TLC, is the only criticism I have.

Default Avatar Movie Potato

One of the best 48 hour films, ever! The mix between phone and decent-camera was awesome! For me it was the structure that stole the show. I actually thought from the onset that you the movie was going to be a waste and a protest against the genre. Linking it to 40Hr Famine was genius. Could possibly take out the National Finals.

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