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The Loom of Doctor Flowers

by Super Furious Ninja Dragon 458 views


Default Avatar Andrew Ginther1

Superb homage to classic early black and white cinema, getting all the elements of the genre and period bang on. Beautifully polished and witty film with a brilliant translation of "Fuck no" from the actor titled as "I do not partake" Piano music was just right. Easily strongest contender for Dunedin overall winner.

This was a fantastically stylised film with its funny points as well as a rather thoughtful Flowers, with an arc that was subversive. Making the audience think that he was an antagonist, when all that time he was rather mistaken; though he could have asked for the lady's preferred color first (oh well..). Though there's nothing integrally or technically wrong with the film, I am left slightly disappointed that the film didn't spook more than it did make the audience laugh. Sure, one could argue that the historical approach to the genre was a neat maneuver - one could have also easily catered for an audience that wasn't so easily spooked and had grown up with a more modern literature of film with scarier themes/stories. All in all, hope we get to see this film in the finals.

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