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One More Note

by Une 38 views


As always a solid effort from Une, but that was not a horror film. It was presented like a horror film, and it had the makings of a horror story but it just ends before anything happens. It was funny, but still didn't manage horrordy either. I missed the use of the prop unless you count the inconsequential woollen sweater. I still enjoyed this film though, and the actresses performance was top notch.

Default Avatar cooma

A woman attempts to summon something. This film started off strongly but just didn't quite deliver. Excellent performance from the lead. I really wish the horror genre was embraced rather than parodied. However it was a nice film. Well crafted - good work!

Default Avatar pinkelephant

Not a horror film, just a strong performance from the camera man, and the leading lady stumbling on her script. She stumbled well but overall it was just okay. Best use of the rack focus in the heat I thought.

Default Avatar DuncanPacey

I laughed, and considering that's clearly what Une was going for, the team gets top marks for that. I'd rate this film more highly but as the other reviewers also point out, the genre and the prop were lost. The uninspiring prop is ok, but genre is really important and a good test of a team. It's a shame, because the comedy setup of a fumbling, arrogant spirit summoner could have been really powerful for the horror element, but a pure comedy route was taken instead. So, the film is very enjoyable but sadly it missed the mark.

Default Avatar Jay Sherman

Anyone who doesn't think a resurrection of Vanilla Ice's career is horrifying needs to seek help. Yes this team once again went a comedic route but I don't think that precludes it from being a horror film. Could it have been in a more traditional vein? Of course, but so could have a lot of films that people consider classics. This team once again strove for a minimalism and somehow managed to strip away even more than their most sparse affair from previous years by having what seemed like three quarters of the film in total darkness. It shouldn't have worked, and yet it didn't detract. This I can only put down to the great chemistry of the two actors. The female lead was particularly good which was important as the entire film rested on her shoulders. Some of the elements could have been better utilised and the ending fell a little flat in comparison to the rest of the film, but all in all I really enjoyed it. Once again a different spin in a competition dripping with repetitiveness.

Default Avatar Chris Philpott

I had a good laugh at the ending, and I thought the film was pretty well put together. The somewhat tired story device of having the camera man involved in the action (thanks for nothing, found footage films) is used well here - and the visual flourishes (primarily lighting changes) were effective when used. But it did feel like putting a square peg in a round hole: it wasn't really a horror idea, and felt more like fitting a good idea into a genre it didn't fit well. A pretty good effort though!

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