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by Trailer Park Pictures 302 views


Reminded me of the film "Rubber" (perhaps that was an inspiration?). I actually was hoping the film would have ended right after the first murder, after the 'toasted' title came on screen. It would have made a brilliant, 1minute film. In saying that, the overall narrative arc worked well, and there was good costuming and characters throughout. Also love the practical effects :)

Nice fun story, but I couldn't get past the fact that the toaster electrocuted the first guy without being plugged in, and I could see the damn string when you were pulling it around. I would have forgiven the first bit but you went to the trouble of showing it plugging itself in later for the second kill! Electrocution scene effects were a bit longwinded the second time. Some nice shots throughout, and some funny dialogue from the cops briefing room. Also liked the use of the oh really line! Whole thing could have been even more hammed up since the premise was so absurd. I liked the use of jam for blood, but I've got to admit I was expecting the toaster to pop up again after the shooting, after all, why should bullets kill a possessed toaster?

Default Avatar RiverFelix

The performances weren't that great and the film was pretty rough but hey it's the 48 hours and hey I loved the concept. You've got this Toaster which is going around killing people for some reason and I don't think we need a reason, toasters don't need back story so 2 detectives? Are off to solve the case and spoiler alert... they do. If anything could be worked on I would say sound and dialogue, I think a film like this needs to have some pretty punchy dialogue but that could just be me. Good stuff, a true 48 hours film and it didn't seem to fall into all the bread cliches which I thought it would after that team intro.

Default Avatar LensFlare

This film was pretty enjoyable, I had a blast watching it. For me it was definitely one of those films that was so outrageous that it was funny. I'm probably a minority here but seeing the string and having the toaster electrocute without being plugged in was pretty hilarious. I think you guys missed an opportunity to play with lighting a little more, the film felt just a little too bright considering the genre.

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