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Dual Bakers

by Codename: Spicy Zombie 163 views


Pun-filled bread fighting low budget fx love triangle buffoonery. The kitchen sink and its bakery replacement were thrown at the screen here as two buddies bickered and argued about their bakery and the woman they loved. The jokes ranged from absolutely awful to absolutely brilliant, and the final showdown with bunchucks vs a French bread sword stick was great. I would recommend working on your camera work given this was largely very static medium to long shots throughout, and is something that can also be used as a great film making device to tell a story, whereas the reliance on dialogue exposition did become a little tedious. Very fun though.

Default Avatar B.Roll

Technical aspects could certainly be improved on (set dressing; wardrobe; camera work; audio etc.). The slapstick comedy is certainly the thing that saves this film, although some of the comedy does the opposite! The closing fight scene with the bun chucks and bread stick sword is where all the stars in my review come from

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