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Daddy's Girl

by The Tanked Engines 67 views


Default Avatar IMCO

Well executed, chilling, horror movie. Nice twist at the end. Would like to see a sequel where 'Daddy' has to work out which is his real child.

Great title graphics on this one and I really liked the story line. The little girl and the shots of her were uber creepy (very children of the corn with the blonde hair and blue eyes). The end felt a little rushed to me, like it could have been fleshed out a little more for a bit more impact. But a cool idea. I would like to watch it again because I'm not 100% if I got this right, but the mother was Harper and the thoughtlessness was leaving the toast there? If I am right about that then those two elements felt a little forced into the story line and it would have been cool to see them a bit more integrated. Almost would have been a good story line for the "liar" character last year, with the little girl being Morgan. If I got that wrong then I will come back and amend my review! Really enjoyed watching it though :)

Default Avatar tickthis

It takes balls to do a real short short film. It was a great wee film and gave me goose-bumps at the end.

Default Avatar 4Mary

Nice short, nailed the genre in such a short space of time - very clever.

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