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Default Avatar pete45

last year's winners - another good horror

Kratos is always consistantly good and this year is no different. Liked the graphics. Great going guys.

Default Avatar Big Taytay's

acting 6/10 (wasn't bad, wasn't good) story 7/10 (didn't fail to entertain) cinematography 7/10 (alright)

Default Avatar phil

genre playd well amd thoughtless charcter but needed more acting

Default Avatar jozer

Reminds of peter jackson's earliest stuff maybe needed some brain matter

Default Avatar Lotus

i dont know what the hypes about

Default Avatar Brendon

everyones just making fake accounts and voting for themselves

Default Avatar TopGun

Great use of practical effects. Loved the 80's style death scenes though a bit cheesy at times still made me shiver. Clean audio and image majority of the way.

Default Avatar bustarymesZZ


Default Avatar cortz

f##! cool .muy bien efectos

Default Avatar Green_groves

Good head shot shot and impail men as

Default Avatar Greyheadedfrog

lked the whole experience found it quite airy and fitted the genre well.

Default Avatar oggaoggaoggaoodo

my favorite due to the violent manner

Default Avatar Donna P

Top job team . like all the shorts this year it was easy to follow

Default Avatar lovelyGRL

got me on the edge of my seat

Default Avatar Gayclouds

it was ok not the best

Default Avatar battlebeast

alright fx and story but i give u one star

Default Avatar irish


Default Avatar molybdenum62

good film.

Visual Effects, Practical Effects, Lighting a man on fire, Gore... Brilliant.... An appropriate match cut, that's some black comedy there. ... Story and acting let them down in the end. Though the audience just fucking LOVED this film!!

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