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Thought you were at work, brah!

by Don't Shoot Films 205 views


Quirky with some good laughs about a flat's lack of milk. Enjoyed the joke about the flatmate usually eating his weetbix without milk!

Default Avatar RatEater

This was silly and fun and it looked like the team enjoyed themselves when they made it. The acting was very natural, however things tended to fall apart towards the end. Some of the funniest moments of the night were in this film, like the milk-wastage and dry weet-bix. The elements were forced, it was like you had made most of your film before realising you needed to include them. One of my favourites for the night; made for some easy watching. Like most cases, more experience, better gear and more people to delegate roles to wouldn't go amiss.

Pros: Story! I loved it. Use of line. I liked the ending. Cons: There were a few times I couldn't comprehend dialogue because of sound problems. Use of prop.

Default Avatar Chanui

pretty funny, i liked how the music went like ratatouille.

Very weird film that was never trying to hide its own awareness. Loved the stranger / hero to the rescues entrance and the whole milk craziness. Maybe in line for best worst film? Though to be fair this had some great inventive story elements... Just feel the production values let it down a tad (just a little mind you!). Great work!! David Lynch would be proud!

Default Avatar Suavio

Quirky and cool, but trying a little too hard to be a 'good bad film' to be either truly good or bad. Great use of elements, but felt forced to call it a puzzle / mystery story.

Default Avatar littlelionman

Another fav of mine in the heat, some very funny moments, silly and fun

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