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by Deslyxic 2.0 246 views


An ostracized killer has a unique calling card. I really liked the idea behind this movie; it had great use of the required prop, and, particularly at the beginning, some excellent and creative camera angles. A couple of things let the film down including quite a shaky camera and an unruly auto focus which distracted from the climactic scenes. The film lacked music but had excellent spooky sound effects to heighten the tension where needed.

Convincing performances and a cool use of the stress ball prop, particularly the ECU on it at the end while the violence occurs off-screen. I'm a fan of lurid, Argento-like, set piece murder scenes in films like this and felt a bit cheated by the lack of on-screen mayhem. The film made up for it by including a couple of good scares, one with the victim suddenly appearing at the glass door and the other, even better one, with the killer suddenly appearing on the couch next to the final girl character. Overall, a slick effective wee chiller with some stylish shots and edits. Had easily the most professional looking team intro of the heat as well. Good stuff guys.

Default Avatar Bear Chance Matenga

Being one of the members of the crew, I proudly say that I am overwhelmed by the amount of effort gone towards this film. I do admit, some scenes felt under worked and uncompleted but overall, the actors and editors/directors did a fantastic job.

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