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by Clinically Insane 305 views


I liked this take on the genre: boy finds a button that takes him back moments in time to allow him to correct his *fuck ups* usually revolving around his feisty girlfriend whom he neglects unless he wants sex. Consistently funny, well told story. Sound was not the greatest and dialogue felt forced at times.

Default Avatar RatEater

I'll get it out of the way - the acting and camera work was sub-par at times. But it was funny and kind of deep at times. There was a serious sound issue during the bedroom scene. Reminded me a little of 'click' with the realisation that this time-bending tool is not what its cut out to be, but still had it's own quirks. Better equipment could go a long way, too.

Pros: A fun concept. Good acting. Cons: The ending wasn't strong. The character didn't seem changed by the experience.

This was a very well thought out concept - a little 'done before' but with a nice twist... Challenge was it kinda got messy, story wise and production wise. Loads of potential though as a concept... Could be cool to write another version of it with more time to develop it. But overall, really nice twist on the concept of a time travelling ability and a common student.s use of it!

Default Avatar Suavio

Didn't really enjoy this one, thought the time travel element was forced and a bit pointless, the humour was a miss for me, and the characters were unlikable. Good effort but didn't take me there, sorry.

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