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by Couch Kumaras 6,268 views


Great characters and cinematography! Some good laughs in here as well! The first act was really great but the ending was a tad ho-hum but overall enjoyable!

Default Avatar RatEater

I like the contrast between the terrible ads and high standard of the rest of the film. The characters were great and the film was funny, but the story didn't go anywhere. The nude beach-scene seemed somewhat forced and irrelevant. Clint's name badge made for a good gag towards the end. I especially liked the self-depreciative nature of the humour.

Pros: Some fight scene camera angles. The line about "experience in the economy". The ad for Wellington. The quality of the images in the ads. Cons: Nudity was gratuitous (even though the beach scene was cute). The ending was unsatisfying.

Guttered! Have to say, I had really high hopes for this film (based on the teams rep and previous entries) and while it was generating a lot of laughter(deservedly) - it really didn't kick off for me until our lead actor got naked! And by then it had already lost my attention a lot. I'm really torn with commenting on this film as I do know they pulled off a lot with a skill/talent and an awesome production value, that they should be proud of... But, there was just too much going on and ALOT of exposition and ...yeah, the story just was sludgy (sorry fellas- I need to be honest) - it was trying too hard to do too much. And what happened to your music?? It was very subtle in this piece- even no existent till near the end, where as in previous years it blows everyone out of the water!! Was sad to have so little of it in the film. Now, I'm probably coming across as harsh(?) but knowing how talented this team is, I suppose I'm just wanting them to keep growing and getting better and hope they can develop into the impressive film makers they have shown they can be previously.

Default Avatar Suavio

Some good laughs to be had here, good all round film. Didn't really think it fit the genre and wasn't sure about the story overall, but I did really enjoy the characters - especially the one guy who kept starting fights.

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