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Default Avatar MistaTeas

[DQ'd - LATE] Morgan Foster is a handyman who chooses the wrong couple to rip off when he does a job for an elderly woman and her rather disturbed daughter. Mrs E Movies have been former finalists and taken out a few acting awards as well thanks to their always superb lead, Janice Grey. "Undertaking" is a creepy little film, that aside from a few focussing issues, looked and sounded pretty good. Performances are strong, even if the story itself meanders along somewhat. It certainly channels "Silence of the Lambs" in a few places and the splatter scene is a real highlight. Good stuff, Mrs E!

A good forewarning to dodgy tradesmen. I liked the plot although I felt this took a while to get started. Editing wise a lot of shots could have been shortened a bit as I felt there was a bit of over-indulgance and over-long static shots. All the best for next year!

Default Avatar AnnaBanana

A really clever and well told story; you could see where it was going but still got a pleasant (or should I say unpleasant) surprise at the Meat Loaf! Would have scored higher however I feel the splatter shots brought it's until then excellent standard down. Great acting particularly by the ball bouncing character (and nice use of the shot of her feet might I add).

Default Avatar Tepene Marsden

An old lady invites a deceitful contractor in to do some work around the house. She has a daughter who suffers from some mental illness. The story reveals that the old lady is killing people to feed her daughter her favourite food, meatloaf. Easy to follow story, although I felt it very predictable and comfortable for something of that genre, it was well shot, and the contractor was done very well and believable. Great effort.

Some of what I enjoyed: Another Mrs E Movie with excellent performances by the female leads. I really liked the bouncing ball persisting through the entire film, as it set a sort of uneasy backdrop to the thing, knowing that it would be involved with the reveal but not quite knowing how. Grisly ending, but that's to be expected with this genre. Good show.

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