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Two Years, I Promise

by The SkooterMan Crew 78 views


This film started well with some good humour and impressive muscle work. The substitution of Wellington airport for London was one of the funniest moments in the heat. It would have been nice to have seen deeper character and plot development

Default Avatar alizon

There were no characters you could like in this story - which made it hard to care what happened to them. A pity, because there were some good bits in there, such as some nice camera work.

Default Avatar BTMO

Some really nice ideas - the airport, the rotating time progression, the matching muffins... but as the other reviews have suggested, the characters just weren't that engaging.

Default Avatar Chicargill

Some good ideas, but for what? There was nothing here beyond the gags.

Whilst the shot of Wellington Airport with a subtitle of "London, England" may have been the hardest I laughed in all the heat films, there were a number of unfunny homophobic jokes. A jock basically waited around getting frustrated that the girl he never told he loved doesn't come back from England when she said she would. Also sounded like there was piano ripped out of Ben Folds' song 'Not The Same'. The girl who went to England (supposedly) was ok, but yeah the gay jokes were not cool.

Default Avatar Wilhelm_Scream

A gag or two in this one, particularly the 'London, England' airport shot. Unfortunately this was let down by unlovable characters and a plot that was drawn out for too long.

Hmmmm, there was some bizarre parts to this movie - what was with the crotch gesture and why the south african accent fagot jokes? There was some quite good cinematography in parts (I like the sequence where the girl turned into the flatmate, I thought that was quite well done) and the London airport was very funny.

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