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The Heart of Bwiindi

by Toyhead Collective 115 views


Fun film with an impressive amount of locations and set-ups covered in the film. Although there seemed to be some technical problems with the sound and a lor of the film was quite rushed, it was really enjoyable to watch.

Default Avatar BTMO

Crazy fun! (Disclaimer - I played about 4 different roles in this movie!)

A postie/cyclist (sorry, wasn't clear which they were) tries to move on with his life after getting rejected by a receptionist. Of course, being given a map that should lead to The Heart of Bwindi treasure won't hurt if he manages to find it. Looked like you guys were having a good time making your film, and obviously went for the Indiana Jones route. Just all a bit low budget [eg, terrible sound] and cheesy [fight scenes were not good to be blunt], and it took me a long time to piece together the plotline that I have summarised here; trust me, it is not as clear as I have described.

Default Avatar yeldarb

I really wanted to enjoy this film, because it was obvious how much fun the team had putting it together. However, it took a really long time (far too long) to actually get to the 'adventure' that the genre demanded, and the inclusion of the courier character baffled me. The best part, hands down, was the hilariously bad fight scene. I laughed so hard I almost ruined my seat.

Default Avatar Wilhelm_Scream

You guys obviously had a lot of fun making this one! An heiress travels to Africa to recover treasure, while being followed by the usual Indiana Jones type villains. Creative use of available locations, however technical issues let this film down somewhat, make sure your shots are wide enough for your rather tall guide.

Default Avatar BTMO

Crazy fun! (Disclaimer - I played about 4 different roles in this movie!)

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