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The Game of Solitaire

by Blue and The Rockets 61 views


What seems like a man playing solitaire in an empty abandoned house quickly becomes something completely different. I think this was the most beautiful film of night one out in Wellington, and in my book they absolutely nailed their genre. Perfect example of leaving it up to the audience to interpret a number of things. Played with sound nicely and the on-screen dynamics developed well as the film went on.

Default Avatar pippo

Attention grabbing, but found the sound at the beginning to be a bit piercing. Nice looking movie, and I was impressed by what they conveyed without words, very creative.

Default Avatar Otis

Good job with the genre. Starts off with a guy playing a game of solitaire while the worlds most awful sound screeches over the soundtrack but we soon find out he isn't alone. Never explained itself and left it up to the audience but it was creepy and effective. Looked great as well. Solid film.

This film started off looking great but was let down by the sound levels, Not quite sure what exactly was going on but they got the genre perfect.

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