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The Clock

by Don't Shoot Films 207 views


This film got a good reaction from the audience- clearly there were fans around. The idea of racing against 'The Clock' was developed deliberately and carefully. Lacked the sparkle of a finalist contender, but did the job quite well.

You had me slightly confused and guessing for the first half of the film (in a good way), and the twist at the end was a very clever interpretation of your genre. The final race, while amusing, lacked a sense of drama or tension, and I found myself not really caring which character won. But overall a solid effort.

Clever take on the genre, an entertaining short movie.

The tension levels were high at the start of this one, as you had me horrified that you had spelt the character's name Vic Mayer, but of course I was relieved that nobody would be that stupid. A nice synthy soundtrack highlighted some focused training in preparation for something that wasn't entirely clear until it happened. Good macguffins with the bomb and the girl. Led itself to a pretty simple payoff that worked because of the physical humour. Just needed a bit more polish.

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