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The Birthday

by Wogistan Productions 511 views


Default Avatar Nayan Chauhan

Disappointing is all I can say. Felt the team struggled with the Non Dialogue genre, hence why everything about it, from the story & acting, was poor.

This was a really sweet film that had a huge amount of heart. Their use of the one line of dialogue that was obligatory was appropriately comic amongst the rest of the 'non dialogue.' The film clearly brought smiles to the audience around me and although it could have been more sophisticated it was a welcome addition to the heat.

Default Avatar Sam Smith

Slow start. Some great hammed-up acting. Best actor for the old guy playing the new fiancé for sure! Skirted around the genre, but hilarious use of line.

Default Avatar KSchray

A tricky genre to work with but this was quite sweet. The final scene made me chuckle and though it wasnt slick productiinwise they seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves which made it enjoyable to watch.

Default Avatar Alfio Leotta

Unpretentious narrative but funny and lighthearted. A good effort.

Those two minutes of uninterrupted dancing at the start of the film were the longest two minutes of the heats. Surely could have been trimmed, and didn't really add much to the plot at all. Once it got going the jibberish dialogue was pretty ridiculous, although the use of the line in audible English made me laugh out loud. Developed nicely into a tale of parents getting upset at their daughter choosing a much older man. Silly but completely random and couldn't stop watching.

Default Avatar Olga Malakhova

I really liked this one - really sweet and naive. The line of dialogue was acted perfectly. The bling moment was quite amusing as well. We were quite saddened that no one ate the cake though - can we have some? :-)

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