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Queen of Hearts

by Hutt Valley High Team 2 743 views


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My third best film of the night. good job for school team. The story was pretty tight. There are parts where it could have been done better but overall well done!

Very smooth story. I like how the beginning tied to the end. Some beautiful cinematography especially the scene where she is walking through the park framed by the trees... story a little cliched but it worked very well. Timing was great. Acting brilliant and a snappy punch at the end. I really liked this!

Fate or obsession? Sometimes a difficult question to answer, as a seemingly innocuous relationship gathers steam pretty damn quick at least on one end. Kept ramping up the obsession at a suitable pace until (in my mind) a homage to 'Heathers' brought things to a fitting conclusion. Both leads were excellent.

This was a great little short. Decent story, good acting, nice ending - what more could you want? Not sure I believed the suicide (they were at school together, in the same class, she might figure it out pretty quickly) but other than that I would be pretty happy if that was my film!

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