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by Rusty Films 225 views


Default Avatar CWAL

What started as a promising Clockwork Orange homage descended into repeating shots of the antagonists in various woodlands. Not to say I didn't like it - I did - but it became hard to work out what happened. The very restrictive genre didn't help and I think this team did well with what the limitations of time and genre they had to work with. More of a bit of the old ultraviolence needed.

Default Avatar thatpieguy

Nice homage to A Clockwork Orange at the beginning as two masked men beat a drunkard in an alley. Drunkard continues to be haunted by these men through the rest of the movie.Very nicely shot, great cinematography and properly scary. Top job!

Insomnity is a combination of insomnia and insanity, we are told. The rest of the film was a bunch of shots of creepy guys in masks and close ups on the boozy lead's crazy eyes. Well, other than the buzz saw carving with screams. Needed more plot development.

I like it but some bits didn't quite fit together IMHO. Well done for the care taken in not showing brands on bottles, ciggies and bankcards - so many teams don't pay that level of attention to those details. The flashbacks of the villians might have come off stronger if you'd shrunk them down and had them appearing on the TV screen (yeah, I know ... it's easy to think of these sort of things now!). When the saw blade started up I thought: Oh no, not sure if I want to watch what's going to happen next! The wood screams were a clever addition and the scene itself was nicely done, just not sure how it related to the rest. All that said, I think you did a good job of delivering on the genre and at no time did I want to stop early with the viewing of it.

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