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Dreaming of Love

by Trailer Park Pictures 303 views


Default Avatar Nayan Chauhan

Favourite film of the heat, had me laughing most of the way through and did a pretty good job of nailing the genre. Acting wasn't the best but I suspect some of that was intentional.

This film did a good job of bringing together two separate storylines, particularly as it involved various locations and set-ups. The humourous dating storyline was definetely the stronger one and the quirky first dates were well executed. There were a lot of nice touches in the film but it would have been more interesting to see a more developed and less cliched ending.

Default Avatar Sam Smith

Cool twist on the genre. Suffered a little from sound issues, but did well considering the wind issues during filming. Funny, fun, and had a really good ending.

Default Avatar KSchray

Nice solid take on the genre. Some great laugh-out-loud moments especially in the dates. The sound definitely suffered in the outside scenes thanks to the trusty Wellington wind but it wasnt a deal breaker. Enjoyable on the whole.

A foreman who can't sleep collides with a woman who has trouble finding love, and goes on a series of dates that we get to see the comedic result of. Played more like a Public Safety Announcement than anything, I thought if you edited it down it could have been a TV add regarding getting behind the wheel on a lack of sleep. The actress who was looking for love did a great job.

Default Avatar yeldarb

My personal highlight of the film (and one of the highlights of the whole heat) was the montage of bad dates. That must have been fun in the writer's room, brainstorming just how much random they could throw at it. Well played. Another great moment was the picnic and the (intentional?) lead's bluntness of wrapping it up as soon as it started. I really enjoyed this film and highly recommend it.

Default Avatar Olga Malakhova

I quite enjoyed this. I thought the dates sequence was hilarious:-) The insomniac fitted quite well into the story as well although I think that storyline was not as good as the love one.

It was a reasonable attempt at the genre. A bit slow getting starting and the lead actress was a good notch or two above the others in terms of believability and comfort with the role. Sound and film quality needed some work in places and a couple of bad edits during the picnic were in need of a transition. I'm pretty sure the occurence of a prominent fizzy drink brand would be a no-no in terms of copyright though.

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