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Chasing Alexis

by Asockalypse Now 248 views


So this would have been a 4/5 apart from the fact that the team sung ‘I Will Survive’ acapella without clearance (as far as I’m aware, please correct me if I’m wrong). Fantastic energy levels throughout ranging from a party to the morning after on the beach to piecing back together the events of the night prior. Said Hangover-inspired quest produced some excellent visual jokes.

Default Avatar Joanne Cook

good laughs here, including the main character finding himself at a random babyshower and helping getting the mother to the hospital

Default Avatar pippo

I liked this movie, had no idea what was going on for most of it but perhaps that is what they wanted (??), had some funny/sick moments that got some good laughs.

Default Avatar Otis

A guy goes to great lengths to hook up with a girl he meets at a party. Told via flashbacks after waking up hungover and half naked on a beach the next day. Some great gags and some nice visual touches.

Default Avatar 48hourfromwayback

Good funny story line, loved the scene where he's in the car with the two trannies. Also the child birth got a laugh from the crowd. good work team

So many copyright violations! Song, backgrounds, bottles, clothing. And I'm pretty sure that slandering a big name rugby player is a definite No, No (regardless of whether he was guilty or not). I've never seen someone's water breaking but why do I think it would look nothing like that? It was an OK concept and story progression/regression was good, but the crass bits left me felling that it was caught between styles rather than nailing one particular approach.

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