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Buckets of Love

by The Mileswood Quintet 707 views


Default Avatar alizon

Great central character and amusing idea worked through nicely, with a real sense of local geography.

This was a really amusing film with some great visual shots, particulalry of the fountains in Wellington. There was a lot of good effort from everyone involved. With a slightly tighter script and some smoother editing it could have really stood out.

Default Avatar BTMO

Brilliant idea, well executed, iconic Wellington locations. :-D

Excellent performance by Jackson Wood as...himself?? Nice twist on the obsession with an inanimate object contrasted with an actual real developing relationship with a person. Clever script, and a brave performance to go and get soaked on Cuba Street in the middle of May. Zany is a word that comes to mind, I noted minor sound level issues, but the team wore their guerrilla low budget approach with pride.

Default Avatar Wilhelm_Scream

I thought that this was a great take on the 'obsessive relationship' film. Without giving too much away I'll never be able to walk down Cuba Mall the same way ever again! The exterior scenes were very nicely shot. One criticism would be the scenes with the 'psychiatrist' were occasionally a bit exposition-heavy, as well as being 'filmed in a flat.'

You guys had balls actually getting into the bucket fountain! The was a big groan from the crowd when the lead had water flowing into his mouth - nasty! Great off the wall story though. I was half expecting the psychologist to end up having an affair with the bucket fountain (the reason he was out so late)

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