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Sleep My Pretty

by Here for the Beer 386 views


Cheesey start, and a little slow paced for me, but played well to the genre. I'm a real fan of those on-the-ground shots too.

A fun movie, which is what I have come to expect from this team. However, apart from the bits at the end, didn't really feel too much like a horror film to me. Unless the horror of the same boring day to day life was what they were going for. Very well put together technically, no real issues that I noticed.

Loved the set up. Had some great laughs. I was looking forward to where the film was taking us... The horrors of tedium in a mundane job. Then it took a turn and undid all of its ground work.

Great job. I can see why you picked up a nomination for editing. It was smooth and you got the repetative nature of each day without having to re-show all scenes, or using the same shots. Lite on horror but great on style. I loved the music throughout. It worked well to help cue us in on what was happening.

Default Avatar MR

I think there was one montage too many in this film. Showing three days in montage to establish how he is when he's on his meds meant that nothing really happened in the film for the first few minutes. Though it was well-shot and edited, the horror of it just seemed to be a lot of images jumbled together. I think that it did a good job of conveying what Vic's like when he doesn't sleep, but it left a lot lacking in terms of story (which was pretty thin to begin with).

Loved the repetition. Even though this could have quickly become boring and annoying, you managed to pull it off with the variations in the theme... I am not surprised that you were nominated for the editing prize as the editing was very nice! :D The pacing was a little sedentary but it worked. It was a bit of a mind-fuck between the non-sleeping-pill repetition and the end sequence. I liked it although I was expecting for the main character to go to work and face the carnage there instead. A nice simple story told well!

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