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The End

by Can't Remember 549 views


A lot of promise here, and good to see some of the younger generation entering this competition! This film looked fantastic, with some beautiful cinematography and effective lighting throughout. Possibly an overuse of handheld. Beware of using stock music for the scoring, it can be very effective - but they need to be mixed properly. Unfortunately, this film had too many abrupt fades in the music which made fluidity an issue. If you are going to use stock music, pay careful attention to where the music naturally has a cadence, or where it can naturally slide into another piece of music. I also didn't quite feel that the premise for this film gave it a whole lot of scope for a well-developed story. Always try to see things from the audience's perspective. We found it a little hard to follow at times, and didn't find enough depth to really connect with the characters. But there is definitely a lot of potential here, so hope to see this team again next year.

Default Avatar ProblemSir

Nice film guys. First up - you had very smooth cinematography and some nice lighting, which is more than a lot of school teams can say. Your dialogue was mostly clear, with the exception of a couple of minor levelling issues. Editing could have been smoother. I felt the film was very jerky and sharply cut together, which wasn't helped by music clashes. The main thing to work on would be character motivation and story. I felt that your script didn't allow for much connection with the character at all (considering most of it was your main character killing people). Also I'm not sure an ordinary person would dream up a killing rampage against some playground bullies. The plot could have been more involving and more compelling. I suggest developing a more ordered concepting process that allows your team to come up with more believable and interesting ideas. None the less - a lot of potential! I look forward to seeing you guys next year.

This was a very nice looking film. Excellent cinematography was to a very high standard and light was used very well in some of the chase shots. Visually this film was really very good, but unfortunately it was let down by a few key elements. The choice of music was pretty good and did help add to the intended atmosphere, but the cuts in the music were very sharp and jarring which detracted from the experience. A bit of mixing and fiddling with levels would have greatly improved this. Being a non-dialogue movie I understand how it can be difficult to add in the required line, but I could hardly hear it and so a little more thinking on ingratiating this might have been helpful. The story was my main fault with the film, because I found it very hard to follow and really didn't connect with the characters in the film. With a bit of work in these areas I can definitely see a lot of good stuff coming from this group, keep it up!

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