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To Shill A Mockingbird

by The Rusty Fish Hooks 251 views


Default Avatar grafshore

good story line, but the acting was a bit off

Default Avatar wordcards

I liked the plot, acting was a bit iffy but I think it all worked out okay

Default Avatar finnhazrd

I got the idea of the short. The use of the futuristic technology was impressive. what needed work was the acting, and a little on the story line. With what you had the film turned out quite well.

Default Avatar William Engle1

Just the acting and the sound quality. The story is good and funny, but with better sound and clip editing, it would help with the flow of the film.

this short made me laugh. there were some really funny sight gags and a few one liners that were excellent.. i didn't understand what was going on story-wise sometimes, and the audio was often challenging, but the humour got me through. oh p.s. the intro video was the best of the heat! hahahahaha

Default Avatar hotdogsandwich

Seems that you were a team just out to have some fun and it looks like you had it! I like that instead of putting the website images on the computer screen and shooting it, you attempted to comp it onto the screen in post haha. Some good comedic ideas, I thought the reveal of the male cop not wearing pants hilarious and then later the reveal of him on the phone call right next to the female cop really funny as well, should have kept that gag going and done some more reveals of him, it was great!

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